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Our School

The ultimate goal of TaeKwonDo is self-improvement through disciplining the mind and conditioning the body. The specialized training develops confidence and concentration while emphasizing respect and responsibility. It expands aerobic capacity, strengthens and tones muscles, increases flexibility and improves coordination and balance.


In TaeKwonDo, emphasis is placed on thinking positively, avoiding negative thoughts and speech, doing good deeds and applying our best effort. By doing each of these things, it allows us to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in good health and harmony.
With TaeKwonDo you learn the value of discipline, respect, patience, confidence, concentration, persistence and determination. Students are challenged to develop and apply these character traits at Grandmaster Lee’s school and in their everyday lives, which includes their interactions with parents, friends, peers, teachers, and siblings.

We teach and emphasize
the following core principles

Discipline, respect, patience, confidence, concentration, persistence, and determination