About us

Our School

Grandmaster Lee’s TaeKwonDo is dedicated to fitness, family and education. Our training emphasizes setting and attaining goals, and reaching maximum potential. Students are not in competition with one another. Rather, each student is encouraged to always do their best in and outside of the school. We teach and emphasize the following core principles: discipline, respect, patience, confidence, concentration, persistence, and determination.

Grandmaster Lee’s TaeKwonDo is certified by Kukkiwon (World TaeKwonDo Federation’s Headquarters in Korea) and is actively competing in the National Level Competitions

Grandmaster Lee’s TaeKwonDo Do Jang (School) offers lessons in WTF (World TaeKwonDo Federation) TaeKwonDo Forms, Board Breaking, Olympic Style Sparring, Weapons, KumDo, Grappling, and other Self-Defense Skills. Primary specialties include Olympic Style Sparring which is the best measure for self-defense and at the same time a well-established sport of the Olympic Games. Grandmaster Lee’s TaeKwonDo follows the same rules and regulations as the Olympic TaeKwonDo teams when teaching the traditional style of TaeKwonDo.

Our Style

TaeKwonDo, the world’s most popular martial art, originated in Korea. Officially introduced as an Olympic sport in 2000, TaeKwonDo is admired for its wide range of high, powerful kicks, powerful hand strikes, and strong defensive techniques.

In Korean, TaeKwonDo is defined as follows

Tae means to strike or break with the foot
Kwon means to block or strike with the hand
Do means The art or method, with proper mental attitude and spirit
Together, TaeKwonDo means: The way of hand and foot

What we teach

  • Practice and Demonstration
  • Forms
  • Olympic Style Sparring
  • Self-Defense and Grappling
  • Board breaking
  • Weapons (Nunchakus, KumDo [Sword], Jang-Pong [Long Pole])
TaeKwonDo is much more than a sport, it is a philosophy. The ultimate goal of TaeKwonDo is self-improvement through the discipline of the mind and conditioning of the body. The specialized training develops concentration and confidence while emphasizing respect and responsibility. It expands aerobic capacity, strengthens and tones muscles, increases flexibility, and improves coordination and balance.
TaeKwonDo is excellent for people of all ages and types.

We teach and emphasize
the following core principles

Discipline, respect, patience, confidence, concentration, persistence, and determination