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At our school, we teach students that the ultimate goal of martial arts training is continual growth and development - physically, mentally and spiritually. We strongly believe that training in TaeKwonDo is about much more than just learning to kick, punch and block effectively. It is about making a better life for oneself and by extension, for one's family and friends. We believe that through the practice of TaeKwonDo, a person can attain happiness and freedom of mind, spirit and body.


At the core of our philosophy is that we must take proper care of our bodies and minds. In order to advance as martial artists, we must practice TaeKwonDo. However, it is essential to incorporate quiet time, proper diet and hydration, and rest. We must also think positively, avoid speaking negatively at all times and serve others. By practicing these things daily to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in good health, we will begin to increase our positive energy. We remind students that internal change (eliminating bad habits) is never swift and will not be as recognizable as the external changes the body shows from the physical training that occurs. Yet the internal changes are more important and are absolutely essential to succeed as a TaeKwonDo practitioner


At Grandmaster Lee's TaeKwonDo, we emphasize the importance of ALWAYS doing your best and trying to do and be better. Mistakes are not bad. Mistakes are an essential component of life and learning. At the school, students are not competing against students. We teach it's more important to initiate and activate the challenge within by always doing your personal best day by day, moment-by-moment.


In order to fully succeed in their TaeKwonDo training, students must accept four important concepts:


Understand the correct techniques in order to promote beneficial practice. It is better to work slowly and correctly rather than fast and incorrect. If techniques are done incorrectly, a student will never achieve their highest level as a martial artist.

Practice the correct techniques. While it is important to understand the techniques and the reasoning behind them, practice is the only way to make the body understand too.

Trust your masters to gain maximum benefit in your training. They know what is needed to improve and help you achieve personal success.

Commit and dedicate 100%, both mind and body to becoming better. While we can teach techniques, ultimate success depends entirely upon the individual student and their personal efforts.


Life is a journey. As such it is imperative that we help each other, love each other, and work together; forever training physically and mentally. By serving and helping others, we create positive energy and harmony within ourselves and with each other..





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