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The following classes are optional and are offered in addition to our Regular Program Classes. In each class students will learn new and exciting skills and techniques. A student may only attend these classes if he/she is a Green Belt or higher, has been approved by the Masters and is enrolled in a regular 3 times a week or more program. Little Tigers are not eligible for these classes.
Students will not learn or practice their colored belt level requirements in the Sparring, Self-Defense and Weapons Classes. The requirements they need to learn for their promotional testing will be taught during Regular Program Classes.

SELF-DEFENSE & GRAPPLING: Through simulated situations of what could happen in real-life; students will learn and practice proper personal safety techniques and how to defend themselves in dangerous, violent or personal emergency situations (how to stop an attacker). Classes are taught by Masters with extensive self-defense training and experience (over 21 years).

WEAPONS: Students will learn to use the Jang-Bong (long pole), Sword, and Nunchuku. Learning proper forms and techniques while using these weapons can be used for self-defense and in demonstrations and performances.

SPARRING: This class is helpful in preparing for Promotion Testing from Jr. Black Belt Test and higher. Students will have the opportunity to put into practice the kicking and punching techniques they have learned within the Regular Program Classes, and will learn and practice sparring techniques such as proper kicking, strategy, offensive and defensive moves and timing against a sparring opponent. Students will need to wear proper protective gear, which can be purchased from the school.

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